Moving~from the Start

facilitates meaningful interactions between families, educators and children birth to three, incorporating the understanding of developmental milestones with the joy of learning the unique personalities of each child.

  • Hone observation skills

  • Learn ‘what’s next’

  • Grow in confidence and community of support

Tris has spent the past 30 years focused on quality early learning, including early intervention, child care, literacy, nutrition and developmental movement. She is an author, trainer, teacher, mentor and dance leader!


The data is clear. We know that it is more economical to invest in early learning than any other time in the life cycle. With investments in birth to three, there are subsequently fewer health issues, less juvenile problems, greater academic success and productivity in our society.


Current research suggests that early trauma has a significant impact on children that lasts a lifetime.  Studies show us that our earliest experiences play a huge part not only in one child’s life, but in the lives of generations of families.

Many serious developmental issues can be re-directed if we address them from the beginning, providing secure, safe relationships and environments for our infants and toddlers.  


Tris co-created Foundations for Success, a coaching model for infant/toddler teachers (Florida) and piloted Moving~from the Start (NYC) encouraging teachers and families to be physically active and responsive to each child. She has demonstrated success in educating the educator, administrators and community members about the importance of early learning and development. 



Tris Barber, M.A.
Tris's Calendar

Awesome workshop with Early Head Start staff in Waipahu, Hawaii. Thank you to all the participants for sharing your Aloha spirit!”

Share your infants' and toddlers' sense of wonder and exploration as we celebrate the season by reading, rhyming words and keeping the beat!


Settle your infants and toddlers onto your lap, patting the pages of the books and encouraging imitation and sensory exploration.

Favorite books for Infants & Toddlers and a
Spotlight on Sandra Boynton!

Where Is Baby's Belly Button? 
A Lift-the-Flap Board Book written & illustrated by Karen Katz

Jump, Frog, Jump! written by Robert Kalan, illustrated by Byron Barton

SPOTLIGHT ON AUTHOR SANDRA BOYNTONHer books are perfect choices for reading to your child.  You can read one page or two or read the whole book.  Let your child lead the way.


Every toddler loves her whimsical rhymes, pictures and moves!


Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton

Barnyard Dance! by Sandra Boynton

Barnyard Dance.jpg

Doggies by Sandra Boynton

Belly Button Book.jpg

Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton

Going To Bed Book.jpg

The Going to Bed Book 
by Sandra Boynton

Children’s Music

Babies are born recognizing the sound of voices they have heard in utero.  They will turn their heads toward their mother’s voice or visibly respond to music of all kinds.


Soothing lullabies have existed forever.  A parent’s humming or a cd of soft, gentle melodies can aid the baby or toddler in relaxing and falling to sleep. Music in the form of one simple song routinely played or sung adds to the sense of security and trust that is forming in the first year of life.  The baby and toddler is learning what to expect and what is expected of him/her.  S/he will begin to anticipate when you put a song on or sing to him/her.


Music can stimulate movement and physical activity, time to play and have fun together!  There are lots of good songs and cd’s available to download or buy but whatever you love will pass on to your child.

John Lithgow, The Hippopotamus Song, found on the Family Artist Series CD Singin’ in the Bathtub

Ella Jenkins, Stop and Go, found on Play Your Instruments and Make a Pretty Sound