Tris Barber
Head Honcho

Tris Barber, MA is thrilled to be launching her current project, Moving ~ from the Start! This project facilitates meaningful interactions and experiences between families, educators and young children through music, literacy and movement, incorporating the understanding of developmental milestones with the joy of learning the unique personalities of each child.


Tris has spent the past 30 years focused on quality early learning, including early intervention, child care, literacy, nutrition and developmental movement. She is an author, trainer, teacher, mentor and dance leader!


Tris co-created Foundations for Success, a coaching model for infant/toddler teachers (Florida) and piloted Moving- from the Start (NYC) encouraging teachers and families to be physically active and responsive to each child. She has demonstrated success in educating the educator, administrators and community members about the importance of early learning and development.  


“ I have been privileged to travel the country talking to educators and working with families and it is heartening to see how much we all have in common. I look forward to taking this next step with you!"