Offering individual and small group family gatherings to inform, enjoy and stimulate interest in each baby’s development and each toddler’s explorations.

Let’s start at the very beginning!  

In these small circles,  we join our babies on the floor, moving, watching, responding and discussing important milestones as well as the joy of simple moments.


Music, culture and brain development are some of the topics shared.

In these classes, we move freely with our toddlers, reading, singing and playing all while addressing topics such as child temperaments, activity level and sensory learning.  


You and your child will make new friends and learn about this very important developmental stage.

Your baby is changing and growing every day!  Together, we will observe your child, learn how she communicates, what her cues are telling us by listening, watching, and interacting, as your special bond continues to grow!


We will identify where he is developmentally, see what’s working and look for ways to adapt to ‘what’s next’!


Reach me, reach me--I reach for you. 

Teach me, teach, me--I teach you too.


 In the morning when I wake up, 

When I eat and when I play. . .


Reach me, reach me, I reach for you.

 Teach me, teach me, I teach you too.


When you change my diaper and lay me down to nap.

 When I’m lying in my crib or sitting on your lap. . .


 Reach me, reach me, I reach for you.

 Teach me, teach, me, I teach you too.


 I learn you love me, you learn who I am.

 I learn to trust you and you understand. . .

Reac Me Teach Me Baby.jpg