Information and motivation to support funding and collaboration for early care and education birth - three and maternal and family well-being.


Free, joyful, community-wide concerts for families with children birth to three.


Staff education about patterns of developmental movement-from the start and throughout life.

Lectures, Workshops and Events

I will provide information, science, research and inspiration to guide public officials and policy makers toward increased legislation and funding for early care and education, maternal health and evidence-based research.

Free, joyful family concerts promoting enjoyment with children birth to three throughout the community.

I will be delighted to provide adult movement sessions to be included at your company retreat! The more we move, the better we feel and our children reap the benefits with less stress in the home, and by imitating your healthy moves!

"Tris presented a Movement Education workshop at the Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) Annual Conference, and I was lucky to be in attendance. The workshop was fun and engaging, and helped our guests from around the country get to know one another better. And, embedded in all the fun was the informative/educational piece where workshop participants experienced some of the meaningful bonding experiences that we encourage in our Program: for children and families discover learning together and foster a lifelong connection."


Jennifer Rosenthal, Corporate Communications Professional at Pearson