When infants and toddlers are encouraged to move freely and naturally and allowed to experience each developmental stage fully, the stages to follow will occur naturally and with more ease. Babies will begin to recognize their own bodies ‘in space' and learn to respect others.  Physical coordination, emotional self-regulation, and confidence all are nurtured~from the start! 

Moving~from the Start focuses on each infant and toddler’s relationships with their caregivers. Movement experiences and early literacy resources include recommendations for fun, appropriate books, finger plays and downloadable songs.  


Teachers and caregivers will learn how to address a group of children, from infancy through three-year-olds, in a manner that will build their skills, beginning with movement and including social, language and health.


Administrators will be amazed at the effects on teachers’ own health and well-being as they plan and implement daily routines in their classrooms. Not only will the children feel a sense of ease, the teachers will feel it as well. The days will be more productive, less stressful and greater health benefits will be experienced.

Playing with babies!  What fun!  Their wide-eyed enjoyment, curious gazes, reaching, kicking, babbling and cooing are all in response to your interactions with them.


Lay your blanket or quilt on the floor, or even better outside, weather permitting.

Place a soft block, one of the grasping toys and one of the cause and effect toys just within your baby’s reach.


Place the baby on his or her tummy and watch them explore the items.  Lay down next to them and pretend to see through their eyes.  Allow yourself to see that rattle as if for the first time.  Engage with the baby in exploring. 


Change positions, holding the baby on your lap, continuing to grasp, smell and even taste the toys.

Toddlers are naturally full of vitality as they enjoy their ability to be mobile!  No need to overwhelm them with too many choices. 


A simple circle of boxes to crawl in and out of, fill and empty with blocks or soft balls will occupy a toddler for many minutes.


Toddlers love to push and pull and welcome any opportunities to be your helper. 


Small push-pull toys are fun, or you can provide small pillows and a sheet and see how creative they are, piling the pillows on the sheet and dragging them to another spot.

Preschoolers developmentally can now climb the stairs and slide down the slide by themselves. 


They can use a hula-hoop or jump rope and ride a tricycle. 


And, their imaginations will soar with open space, indoors or outside when you give them a bucket of water and a brush, or paint with an easel.

Music always inspires children to move.  Guide their movements or simply get them started by playing music and waving scarves as you’re dancing or running.


Children are naturally inquisitive and imaginative.  At these ages, we can guide them in the locomotor movements of up and down, forward and backward and more importantly, we can allow them to play by moving safely and freely in your environment!