Your baby is growing in leaps and bounds with more development in these first three years of life than ever again!

Do you want to...


  • Hone your observation skills?

  • Know ‘what’s next’?

  • Maintain wellness and energy while caring for this exuberant, sometimes exhausting child?

Please join other parents for classes or meet with me individually to learn more about your baby and the very important relationship you are forming!

​Build your skills with increasing confidence, efficiency and knowledge.

Enhance your birth-three curriculum with the addition of standards-based Moving~from the Start which. . .

  • Increases awareness about infant toddler developmental movement and how to support in the context of your daily routine.


  • Provides strategies  and resources that support and stimulate each baby’s development and each toddler’s explorations, strengthening the foundation for a lifetime of learning and natural development.

  • Trains early care and education staff 



Explore early learning issues, build awareness and community of support together! Our Babies Need YOU!

 Do you understand...


  • The foundations of learning? 


  • The staggering brain growth that occurs in the first three years of life?

  • How our earliest systems of care impact all the systems that follow?